Record Retrieval

Medical records are often an essential part of the litigation process. Signet offers a retrieval service to expedite the procurement of these medical records. Just send us a HIPAA compliant authorization for release and we will contact the medical facility, medical provider, hospital, or non-medical facilities (e.g. education and employment records) to coordinate procurement. In an effort to expedite retrieval, Signet will pay the cost of the record retrieval directly to the facility. A copy of the invoice from the facility will be attached with our invoice.

Signet has been successful in obtaining medical records due to the familiarity of the process used to obtain records and familiarity with the facilities where we have received numerous requests to obtain records from. Signet will consistently follow up with the facilities until all the records have been obtained. We will also keep the referral source updated on the status of the retrieval during this process on a predetermined time basis.