Legal Nurse Reviews

In preparing a case for litigation, utilizing the skills of a Legal Nurse Consultant can assist attorneys claim adjustors in identifying pre-existing conditions, issues of causation, inconsistencies in allegations, gaps in treatment and subsequent damages.

A Legal Nurse Consultant can review medical legal cases, help determine the merits of the case and assist the attorney/claim adjustor in understanding the medical facts and issues relating to the case.

Signet’s Certified Legal Nurse Consultants can prepare a chronological history of medical events, correlate them to the allegations of the case, and prepare a report which outlines the events and provides a synopsis of the pertinent information and opinions obtained in reviewing the records.

Our team is able to review voluminous cases at your office or ours, as well as coordinate a physician review if necessary. When a physician review is necessary, this file preparation can reduce the time the physician will spend reviewing the case and thus the cost.