Radiological Reviews

An objective review of X-rays, CT scans and MRI films is often an important step in evaluating a claim. Signet offers reviews by qualified, credentialed Radiologists and Neuroradiologists across the full spectrum of diagnostics. With Signet, a thorough, independent, and objective report is submitted by a board certified radiologist in a timely manner. Independent radiology reviews can often determine the presence of pre-existing and/or degenerative findings that can help clarify issues of causality.

All Radiologists on our panel realize that their evaluations are only one part of the process and the need to testify is essential to the completion of their review. Signet will assist in this process by coordinating testimony with our panel of experts, at no additional cost, whenever necessary.

Additionally, Signet offers a retrieval service to help expedite the procurement of films and remove the administrative tasks from the claim professional’s workload. We can often retrieve films on an expedited basis due to familiarity with the facilities where we consistently make requests for films.

This service includes the payment, from Signet, directly to the facility for duplication The cost is passed through to the customer with a copy of the invoice attached to the final report.

The status of the referral is available at anytime during the process by e-mail or via website updates or on a predetermined timetable by telephone.