File Reviews/ Peer Reviews

Our panel of thoroughly credentialed Board Certified Health Care Professionals (HCPs) are in active practice, with years of clinical/academic experience, that provide impartial retrospective reviews to address issues of medical necessity, reasonableness and appropriateness of diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and certain treatment modalities. Reports are supported with citations and by specialty specific standards of care appropriate to the issue being reviewed.

We maintain data to identify new procedures and/or testing that has emerged in the medical field and seek out the most qualified HCPs to review these as they become more apparent in claims.

All Health Care Professionals on our panel realize that their evaluations are only part of the process and the need to testify is essential to the completion of their review. Signet will assist in this process by coordinating testimony with our panel of experts, at no additional cost, whenever necessary.

In order to aid our customers in meeting industry turn-around times, we offer technology solutions from on-line referrals to report retrieval through Signet’s secure, encrypted website.