Independent Medical Examinations

From beginning to end, Signet is committed to achieve the best in customer service, quality exams, and the management of the IME process. As part of that process, all appointments are confirmed prior to the scheduled examination date. All of our activities related to the referral are documented in Signet’s database which can be viewed in “real time” via our client portal.

The Independent Medical Examination report prepared by our credentialed, board certified physicians are based on a thorough review of the case including the history, medical records and examination. The report of the claimant is detailed and complete.

Our quality assurance division is staffed with doctors, nurses and seasoned claim representatives who check to ensure that all questions submitted to the reviewing HCP are answered, all medical records sent have been reviewed, and the narrative report is comprehensive and informative.

We strongly believe that partnering with our clients achieves the best customer satisfaction. One way this can be achieved is through listening to our clients needs and adjusting our process to meet those needs.

Any inquires can be handled through our personalized customer service team and/or through our website 24/7. On the web, our customers can log in to a secure HIPAA compliant website, check the status of assigned referrals and retrieve medical records and reports as well as make new referrals.

Signet’s Medical Director is in active practice and is available to our staff, as well as our clients, to answer any questions as well as helping with training.